Discover how the MES software allows a quick return on investment through the digitalization of your industrial processes.
Quality is very often perceived as customer satisfaction, but is this sufficient (we all have our biases depending on our job and our position in the structure). From an industrial point of view, quality management is an objective whose standards are precisely fixed (at a certain date, by recognized organizations).
MES software allows you to optimize the production of your workshops. Discover the main advantages of MES and KmProd.
For two years now, our industries have been facing unexpected challenges. However, the adaptation and resilience required in our time are not new. They question our ability to understand and transform our projects into achievements.
All the team of META 2i sends you its best wishes for the year 2022!
Establishing the necessary documents for ISO 9001 certification is a real issue for companies, especially on the last update.
Welcome to Guillaume! As a project manager, Guillaume comes to reinforce the growth of META 2i.
A more efficient and economical maintenance management thanks to CMMS, find the 4 reasons to use CMMS for your audits.
The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and the State co-finance your Industry of the Future projects. Discover the conditions to obtain this subsidy
These meetings - in small groups - were an opportunity to resume discussions started almost two years ago for some of them. The business has evolved considerably, not for us, but on the client's side, we understood in the exchanges.
Discover the advantages of MES software adapted to your industrial process. Discover also the KmProd method !
A more efficient and economical maintenance management thanks to the CMMS, find out the 7 reasons to fall for a CMMS.
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