Our experts will demystify and clarify how a factory project is built in the Industry 4.0 world
Discover in 2 minutes the advantages of KmProd5 And now, what do you want to do? Request a free demo of KmProd 5 Ask [...]
L’opérateur, le super héros augmenté de l’industrie 4.0 Le passage à l’industrie 4.0, pilotée par des technologies de pointe comme le MES, […]
Our experts will explain the challenges of mobility in a workshop and how to prepare your project for a digital transition.
Podcast: Industry 4.0, the key to tomorrow's world Industrial intelligence, connected objects, production line automation, factories [...]
Webinar: How to increase your shop floor productivity? David Fernandes, president of META 2i and an expert in MES solutions, gave a [...]
How to increase the productivity of your workshop : MES and Industrial Intelligence ? David Fernandes, president of META 2i and an expert in [...]
Meta2i & Battle Tested au second Symposium NonMetallic de Lyon
Industry 4.0: More than a buzzword, a revolution and our expertise.
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