A management of the instructions of spinning / extrusion more effective and managed automatically thanks to OptiPresse (module developed by META2i).
Discover the challenges of mobility in a workshop through the consideration of real time in the management of its production chain.
A more efficient and economical maintenance management thanks to the CMMS, find the keys to the implementation of a CMMS.
Discover how MES enables real-time production monitoring through workshop visualization, performance monitoring...
MES allows you to manage the skills and qualifications of operators and machines. Discover the advantages of a controlled management..
More efficient and economical maintenance management thanks to CMMS, why implementing a CMMS will simplify your life.
Le MES et l'ERP sont complémentaires dans l'échanges de données. Découvrez les avantages qu'offre ce partenariat.
Discover how a controlled and optimized energy flow management will affect the performance and profitability of your company.
META 2i invites you to participate in its KmProd webinar on July 28, 2021 at 11am!
More efficient and simpler inventory management, reduced inventory value and procurement costs: possible with CMMS.
Discover how CMMS will help you manage your preventive maintenance, which is so important for equipment performance.
More efficient and sustainable production with MES - MOM software. But who are these workshop management tools for?
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