META 2i Seminar

Seminaire Entreprise META 2i 2022

The META 2i team took time out in the magnificent setting of the Valsoyo house, in the Drôme. Two days to recharge, laugh, but also to take up challenges and work on the values of META 2i.

A company made up of developers and engineers who are also field experts has a lot to tell in human terms.

A story that is not always written sequentially, like lines of code. We also have our little bugs and we have to identify them.

During this seminar, the links were reconnected, these links that the last few years have perhaps made less strong but which today, after this seminar, are more solid than ever. 

If you are reading this and you are a company, take the time to organize your seminar. Think of it as a beautiful moment, a moment where the necessary memories are built for your teams and to give substance to your identity.


Travel and lunch

The first morning was the opportunity to exchange during the journey and once there to present the beautiful figures of META 2i to the team as well as the future prospects which are very ambitious.

This was enough to whet the fierce appetite of our developers and sales staff, who duly enjoyed the carefully prepared local food under a shining sun. 

Sporty afternoon!

After the solid meal, the opportunity to burn off some energy (and that’s a poor word!) in what is – literally – a playground for adults.

Sporting challenges awaited the team, who got their trunks wet like never before. Skill, balance, strength, determination. All knew how to surpass themselves, with more or less success according to the tests

Indeed, some of our guys are more cut out for speed, others are real cats and move from rope to rope as if they had watched too much Tarzan.

Let’s salute Claudine, the only female representative of the team, who was able to show the youngest how to move from tire to tire “almost without forcing”.


Rolling, timed challenges and other tests finished to “calm” our members who could rest a little after these tests around a well deserved snack.

On the evening program?

Taking of the apartments of each. Beautiful cottages and rooms with each their different theme. A real trip for us. Some were in Mexico, others in Lapland or in Greece. A treat for the eyes and the senses.

After a short break, hostilities resumed with a barbecue beautifully administered by Guillaume who knew how to master the cooking like nobody else.

The evening ended late around orange juice, glasses of still and sparkling water ^^.

The next morning

After a good night’s sleep, what could be better than enjoying a breakfast with hot croissants? This is the perfect way to start talking about the brand and the values of META 2i.


David, our President, challenged us on our definitions of core values.

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