Webinar: Industrial Energy Crisis 2023

webinaire novembre 2022

Energy crisis in industry in 2023: tools and best practices to implement.

On November 23, a webinar organized by META 2i gave the floor to energy experts to address the issue of the energy crisis in the industry.

  • How to reduce the consumption of your workshop?
  • How to be accompanied in the financing of your tools?
  • How to measure the hidden costs linked to the bad exploitation of energies (gas, electricity)!

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00:00 Introduction by Gilles Buffet

03:34 : Overview of grants and subsidies by Bertrand Grataloup

10:36 : Panorama of energy consumption by Clément Van Straaten

23:17 : Presentation of the KmEnergy solution by David Fernandes

35:00 : Questions / Answers

35:22 : Q/A Are the KmEnergy interfaces customizable? Answer by David Fernandes

36:34 : Q/A
Does the software help in choosing a supplier contract? Answer by David Fernandes

38:54 : Q/A
Can KmEnergy show how much energy is lost in the process? Answer by David Fernandes

42:10 : Customer case and data measurement to optimize labor costs versus energy costs by Gilles Buffet

42:30 : Job market and the importance of respecting the impact on the planet to attract the younger generation.

45:30 : How to manage peak consumption and potentially spread it out? Answer by Clément Van Straaten

49:55 : Exploiting existing data. Gilles Buffet

51:30 : Can we collect and exploit data in multisite? David Fernandes

53:29 : What is the payment deadline for the aids? Answer by Bertrand Grataloup

Replay du webinaire du 23/11/2022 par META 2i
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