The ROI of your MES software

How to characterize the return on investment of an MES software?

In order to digitalize production workshops, MES software remains one of the most appropriate tools to help companies to pass this step. This allows manufacturers to achieve a primary objective of the 4.0 project, to have a return on investment.

The return on investment (ROI = Return On Investment) is one of the most important indicators of an economic sector. It specifies the profitability of capital invested in the framework of economic units. It is the ratio between the benefits that a project achieves and its total cost, including the initial investment and recurring costs. It is usually expressed as the number of years or years required for the benefit to balance the total investment, with subsequent years providing a net benefit.

This ROI goes through 3 main points in the KmProd MES:

With our MES software you will be able to achieve a more economical and efficient production through :

  • A decrease in your rejects thanks to a more precise analysis
  • Save production time by digitizing your industrial processes
  • Simplified management of your production
  • A connection with your ERP already in place

You will get a better organization in your workshops thanks to :

  • A total traceability on all the flow of your production
  • Elimination of paper in the workshop
  • Dashboards that will be used to analyze your performance
  • Automation of your industrial processes
  • Automatically generated scheduling according to your Production Orders (PO), thanks to an intelligent and customized calculation algorithm.

Your production workshops can be entirely digitalized:

  • A screen for visualizing workstations and machines in real time is standard in KmProd
  • Digitalization of monitoring and control sheets
  • Digitalization of documentation (plans, pdf, videos…)

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