How can you improve the performance of your workshop? Intelligent Scheduling


An innovation that stems from a problem

In most factories that have not yet gone through a stage of digitalization of their workshops, the schedule is often a large whiteboard on which we write with a felt pen, stick post-it notes, paper sheets, etc.
Does this speak to you? Then this article is for you!

How can my handwritten schedule cause me to lose performance?

In this Industry 4.0 era, if manufacturers want to be competitive, every inch of their shop floor must be connected and improved. It stands to reason that scheduling must be one of the first applications to be digitized.

The constant input of scheduling data as the production process unfolds, and at the beginning of each week, represents a significant and precious time for the company’s performance. Every minute must be optimized.

Most of the time, a member of staff is responsible for retrieving the production orders received in the ERP system at the beginning of each week and assigning them to a workshop, an operator or a machine, in a large whiteboard. The loss of productivity, the induced error rate and the necessary maintenance of punctual updates represent a real cost for the company.

It is estimated that traditional scheduling results in an average loss of 10% of the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) of the production workshop.

Digitalized and intelligent scheduling: the first key point of industrial performance

In a continuous improvement and operational efficiency approach, the MES software offers a digitalized scheduling management. A large touch screen displaying the schedule can be installed instead of the famous whiteboard. It can be modified in real time. The schedule of teams, machines and production can be available on each terminal in the company!

How does this method save me time?

  • The MES software is interfaced to the ERP and will directly retrieve the production orders. All that is left to do is to drag and drop the production order onto the machine or the operator required at the chosen time.
  • This scheduling method is called intelligent because the MES software will remember your choices. As you go along, the schedule will be filled almost automatically. It will remember the duration of each process, the choice of machine or operator preferred for a given production, etc.
  • All this, in an intuitive and efficient user-oriented interface.

Is it possible to go further in scheduling performance with MES?

This is where the difference between an MES and a basic scheduling software comes in. In addition to offering a multitude of other applications, an MES software, like the one proposed by META 2i, will allow to go much further in the improvement of industrial processes.

Let’s take a concrete case, an example of a company with a painting activity in the middle of its manufacturing process.
A scheduling plan has been made to optimize the cleaning time of the booth in order to reduce the non production time as much as possible.

The scheduling system automatically calculates the different parts to be painted, grouping them by color shade. In order to minimize booth cleaning time and to always optimize the workshop performance.

The digital scheduling of the workshop represents the first phase of an industry 4.0 project.
The MES software is the most adapted tool to cover this need and to allow a fast evolution of the project, while centralizing the maximum of applications in the same software.

KmProd, the MES suite from META 2i

These applications are only a small part of what our software suite offers. To discover all the features of KmProd, contact us.

By choosing the KmProd solution, you will benefit from a medium-term support (5 years) to constantly improve your industrial processes !

KmProd distinguishes itself from its competitors by its flexibility! Adapting up to 50%, it is possible to set up KmProd whatever your sector of activity.

Follow your production in real time and take advantage of the multiple real and multi-dimensional returns on investment (ROI).

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