Features and issues

Organize your maintenance, and make it the most efficient.
Organize your maintenance, and make it the most efficient.

Equipment inventory and classification

KmMaint allows you to quickly and easily inventory all your equipment. At each level of your tree structure you can refer to several information,

The KmMaint equipment sheet is clear and easy to fill in.

  • Detailed description
  • Nomenclatures of parts
  • Technical documentation
  • Dual synchronized tree structure


  • In a graphic tree
  • In multi-criteria lists
  • In pictograms
  • In pictures
  • Copy-Paste function.
  • Reconnaissance par codes à barres
  • Description by type of equipment.
  • Bar code recognition

Monitoring of maintenance interventions Work Order

The work order is the central document for better monitoring of maintenance interventions. It is both the document used to know the work to be carried out and the support for the history of the maintenance activity. The KmMaint work order is a clear and accurate document. The reports are quick and detailed.
KmMaint instantly provides you with a rich and easily usable history. All the work to be carried out is centralized by the load plan.

Resources used

  • Internal workforce
  • Providers and subcontractors
  • Used parts
  • List of tasks with follow-up actions
  • Alert message on Work Order

Management of requests for interventions

Creating action requests with KmMaint is very simple, the input screen was designed for non-specialists of the GMAO. The maintainer will be able to easily inform the requestor of the action taken on their request and choose to convert the request intervention to work order

Automatic management of preventive measures Purchase of unmanaged parts from inventory (items)

No more forgetting! Register the periodic interventions you have to carry out and KmMaint takes care of the rest.

 The principle is simple:

  1. Describe all the characteristics of the work to be performed (parts, labor, procedures, plans, etc.)
  2. Choose a trigger type
    • Time period
    • Meter Threshold
    • Aperiodic and fixed dates
  3. Each day KmMaint automatically scans the schedule, anticipates the dates and integrates the work to be carried out into the load plan.

Dashboards and analysis

List and graphic indicators: This is a real steering tool for the manager. Imagine you take place on your CMMS and monitoring screens will tell you the status of your maintenance. The red color signals a malfunction, the yellow attracts your attention, and for the green everything is OK. You want to know more, click on the line and make the necessary decisions!

Integration of maintenance ratio MTBF – MTTR – Reliability – Maintainability – Availability

Analysis: Accessible via a multi-criteria selection screen and offer technical and financial indicators

Exports: Filter and export your data directly into your Excel spreadsheet to create all the analyzes you want, it’s simple and easy!


100% Microsoft – Web – Security, Solidity, Performances

KmMaint has been developed with the best computer tools available today C# .NET and uses the database that references SQL Server.

It is for you the guarantee of a perennial and evolutionary application.

  • Compatible with all Windows versions (since Win7)
  • Function in Web
  • Data bases SQL Server (free version)

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